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Cadabam's Group counselling Programs

The day dawns early with the coffee at 6:30 AM for the residents and followed by Yoga or Physical training for one hour. In addition to yoga and physical training you can kick start your day at the gym. At 8:00Am it's breakfast with coffee again and by 9:00AM you are prepared for your day. You can start your day at the library with daily papers.

From 9:30AM you will start to engage in counselling sessions with your counsellor, attend group activities and therapeutic programs till 12:00 noon then you have your lunch. After lunch it's time for relaxation for an hour. Then again group and other therapeutic activities start which will go on till tea break in the evening.

After tea its time to walk around the campus and enjoy a restful evening. Take in the scenic gardens and chat and meet your fiends until dinner. This is the time for outdoor activities like cricket, badminton, shuttle, volleyball etc,. After dinner it's time for bed. A quiet evening with your own choice of entertainment on T.V. that's' how a day unfolds at CADADABAM'S and ends.

You can now easily join in and get relieved by your problems..

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