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Cadabam's Group Supported Employment

NEERAJA is dynamic and unique concept towards rehabilitation of residents.

It is not easy to get employment for those who are diagnosed with Mental Illness even after full recovery and rehabilitation. Prejudices still rule the society. In spite of all these odds Cadabams has been able to source jobs to a few of the residents through some good hearted employers. To facilitate this NEERAJA a self help venture was launched and is been successful since the in supported many rehabilitated residents.

NEERAJA has brought out eclipsed talents, business acumen and vocational skills to the fore, like a lotus blooming out of water.

NEERAJA helps in building self confidence and self esteem. It also helps the person to stand up to the challenges of life outside the safe environs of rehabilitation and home while preparing for the competitive market and world.

How Does It Work: Under this scheme the family and the resident will be help to associate in a business venture where the resident is employed. The venture will be identified Resident and family with Cadabams. The Resident will reside a Cadabams campus and family expected to provide seed capital, substantial part which will be returned to them on basis of monthly installment.

In a brief span, “NEERAJA” has helped around 18 Residents with an occupation, with the support of their families. The outlets are NEERAJA Confectionary, NEERAJA cafeteria, NEERAJA food joint, NEERAJA STD Booth and CADABAM’S Medical & General Stores all of which are located near the CADABAM’S campus.

You can now easily join in and get relieved by your problems..

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