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Drug addiction: ( most often ) though starts as voluntary decision to use , over a period becomes a complex problem compelling person to get and abuse despite its

People use drugs for
  • To feel good - wanting to experiment feeling high or different and repeatedly seeking the same
  • To feel better - to lesson anxiety, worries , fears ,depression , hopelessness
    • Amphetamines
    • Caffeine
    • cannabis
    • cocaine
    • hallucinogens
    • Inhalants
    • Nicotine
    • Opioids
    • Prescription drugs

Cannabis use can cause anxiety, paranoia and loss of motivation . There's evidence that cannabis use increases the risk of developing a psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia. Cannabis, like tobacco , can cause lung disease and cancer .

Cocaine, or coke ,is highly addictive it can induce fit in otherwise normal person or even heart attack and panic attacks.

Hallucinogens produce a loss of contact with reality and an experience of expanded and heightened consciousness. It can induce psychotic illness , mood disorder and anxiety
Inhalants are group of substances like solvents , glues ,adhesives , aerosols propellants , paint thinners and fuels .Inhalants can cause delirium , dementia and psychotic condition.

There are about 20 different chemically distinct opioid drugs in use .opioid abuse and dependence can cause sleep disorder , sexual dysfunction , psychotic status , and anxiety disorder.

MEDICATION: Specific medicines are prescribed to reduce craving , counteract effects of the drug , control the adverse effects of the drug abused and to keep the person motivated from abstinence.

Talk therapies
  • Cognitive behavioral therapies
  • Group therapies (NA groups)
  • Motivational Enhancement therapy
  • Cues management

Intriguing facts
  • Though relapses are common good outcomes are Contingent on the adequate treatment length
  • Drugs bypass or effect brains functioning in relation to Motivation , memory , reward and control over ones

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