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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatments

OCD has three main components
  • Thoughts creating anxiety (obsession )
  • Anxiety
Thoughts creating Anxiety (obsession)
  • THOUGHTS: Word or phrase or rhymes that is unpleasant, shocking or blasphemous
    'Things are contaminated with gems '
  • PICTURES: Visualization of somebody being dead , being violent , being abuse
  • DOUBTS: Wondering for hours that the person might have caused an accident /misinformed somebody
  • RUMINATIONS: Endlessly arguing with self to do this or that.' indecisiveness".
  • PERFECTIONISM: Extreme botheration about putting things in order

Anxiety (Emotions)
  • Feeling of tensed, fearful, guilty, disguised or depressed.
  • Feeling better by carrying out compulsive behavior or ritual –which last for shorter period.

Things done to reduce Anxiety (compulsion)
  • CORRECTION OBSESSION THOUGHTS: By praying or chanting etc
  • RITUALS: Doing thighs slowly, clearly, repeatedly, in a particular way preventing them from doing anything other productive and fruitful work.
  • AVOIDANCE: Avoiding things creating anxiety
  • HOARDING: Hoarding even useless and worn out possessions
  • RE ASSURANCE:Repeatedly asking other's to confirm things are alright for reassurance

  • MEDICATIONS : Medications helps 6-7 out of the 10 with OCD. Anti obsession medications help to prevent OCD coming back as long as it is taken.
  • THERAPY : Exposure and response prevention : A therapy to stop compulsive behavior and anxieties from strengthening each other.
  • COGNITIVE THERAPY: Psychological treatment which helps to change the reaction it thoughts instead of trying to get rid of them.

Helping Self
  • Record the thoughts and listen or read them everyday regularly for half an hour until anxiety reduces.
  • Resist compulsive behavior but not obsess ional thoughts
  • Do not get in Alcohol / self medications it does not help
  • Seeking professional help

Intriguing facts
  • He is obsessed with food
  • He is compulsive eater
  • Are misleading as the compulsive in OCD never give pleasure
  • People with OCD know well that thoughts creating anxiety are not true but are unstable to control them which is the hallmark of OCD
  • Medication coupled with psychotherapy double the

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