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Borderline Personality Disorder

PERSONALITY: Refer to the collection of characteristics that makes an individual, which includes the way one THINK, FEEL, BEHAVE.

DISORDER: For some reason part of the personality develops in the ways that makes it difficult for the

Difficulty faced with the person known to have Personality disorder
  • Making or keeping relationships
  • Get on with people at work
  • Get on with friends and family
  • Keep out of Trouble
  • Control one's own feeling and behavior

Three main Groups of Personality disorder
  • Cluster A: Odd and Eccentric
  • Cluster B: Dramatic and Erratic
  • Cluster C: Anxious and Fearful

Cluster A: Odd and Eccentric
  • Suspicious
  • Odd ideas
  • In fantasy world
  • Emotionally Cold
  • Inappropriate Emotions

Cluster B: Dramatic and Erratic
  • Anti social activities
  • Aggression
  • No guilt
  • Impulsive

Cluster C: Anxious and Fearful
  • Feeling of insecure and inferiority
  • Perfectionist and rigid
  • Sensitive to criticism
  • Dependent on others
MEDICATION: some class of drugs help control some of the symptoms of personality disorders.
Generally the classes of drugs used are
  • Anti Psychotics (Especially in Cluster A)
  • Anti Depressants (Especially in Cluster B and C)
  • Mood stabilizers ( To help impulsivity and aggression )

Psycho Social Therapies
  • Dialectical Behavior
  • Metallization
  • Schema Focused Therapy
  • Transference Focused Therapy
  • Cognitive Analytical Therapy
  • Cognitive Therapy

Self Help
  • Try and unwind when stressed
  • Balance diet which is healthy
  • Avoid Alcohol and drug
  • Take up interest and hobby
  • Try and talk it out
  • Take good physical exercise

Intriguing Facts
By late teens or early 20's most individuals develop own personality with their own distinctive way of thinking , feeling and behaving which remains pretty much the

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