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Depression is a complex problem which affects mind and body with complex set of symptoms.

Five or more symptoms for a minimum period of two weeks or longer
  • Sad anxious or 'empty' mood
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Feeling of wordlessness
  • Loss of interest or pleasure in hobbies or activities that were once enjoyed including sex
  • Decreased Energy
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Changes in sleep pattern
  • Appetite and weight changes
  • Thoughts of death, suicide/suicidal attempts
  • Irritability
  • Physical problems like headache, digestion problem not satisfactory relieved with just physical treatment

  • Major Depression
  • Minor Depression
  • Manic Depression (Bipolar Disorder )

MEDICATION: There are various kinds of medicines are available to treat depression& they are called ANTIDEPRESSANTS

Talk Therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Interpersonal Therapy
Brain stimulation Therapies
  • ECI(Electro Convulsive therapy)
  • RTMS (repetitive Tran cranial/Magnetic stimulation)
  • Deep Brain Stimulation

Depression & Physical Problems
Depression is a co-existing problem with many medical problems and unless depression is treated the medical problems continue to get complicated
  • Diabetic mellitus-Depression can lead to diabetes and diabetes can lead to depression
  • Depression can lead to heart diseases.
  • HV/AIDS-1 in 3 people with HV/AIDS suffer from depression
  • Suicide-90% people committing suicide have depression
  • Osteoporosis- Depression reduces bone formation

Intriguing Facts
  • Depression is 2 to 3 times more common in women
  • Long standing physical problem can also lead to Depression
  • Depression affects people of ages, races & incomes worldwide
  • Medication with structured talk therapy is effective for


Depression Treatment

Depression and me? It is just a bout of feeling low and down. We have heard it so often that it is almost a cliché. But to each individual, family, unit this typical answer could be the beginning of an arduous journey in the troubled world of Depression as it is known as a mental health issue. Depression is perhaps the most misunderstood disease which is beginning to become the largest killer amongst psychiatric illnesses. What makes depression so paradoxical? It is perhaps the ability or inability to understand the meaning of clinical Depression.The presence of some of these symptoms requires the attention of mental health professionals   for diagnosis and depression treatment perhaps in a residential depression treatment center.Click to read about causes of depression.

Depression treatment in India is not as widely spread because of lack of mental health professionals in terms of geographical spread. But depression treatment has been recognized as a world problem when the mental health day on the 10th of October in the year 2012 was termed as a global crisis. This has led to the recognition that all depression treatment does not require residential treatment but can be treated by out patient intervention. But the attention of a mental health professional for diagnosis and depression treatment is the need of the hour,

The prognosis and beyond is based on recovery oriented programs both residential and OPD. The initial assessment is done by a qualified clinical psychologist who in the one hour spent initially focuses on case history of the patient. Factors like genetic loading, immediate problems and issues of stress, social participation, usage of addictive substances and such like issues are looked into with the presence of the family members preferably.

After the meeting is over for the depression treatment our team of psychiatrists are consulted to identify whether medication is required or not. For depression treatment a large number of anti-depressants formulations are available in the market on presentation of a valid prescription.

A new treatment method for depression treatment is Neurofeedback-Biofeedback. The basic philosophy of this method in depression treatment is to monitor the negative brain impacts on the bodily functions during the episode. Once this is documented the patient is taught to control and temperate these negative symptoms under the guidance of a psychologist so that he is able to control them to manageable laid out parameters. Two non-medicinal approaches to depression treatment are known as supported employment and supported living. They are unique to depression treatment centers if not to depression treatment in India to the Cadabams group of Residential treatment centers. They are as the word supported signifies are intended to control the social isolation of the patient and tap his latent potential to bring him on the path of self growth. The patient is put in working environment where he comes into contact with customers and is taken away from his negative thought environment and propels him into a world of self-belief, self-esteem and self-growth..

Supported Living is a concept of getting functional residents to live together away from the main campus with increased freedom and responsibility. This is to prepare them to live in reintegrated and inclusive environment with their family post discharge. It is no coincidence that the all residents living in supported living conditions are also working in supported employment conditions.

Depression is a pernicious disease and may require short to long term treatment in Depression treatment center like Cadabam’s which is unique in depression treatment centers in India.  Not only does it consider to be a psychiatric condition but also an addiction cause and effect syndrome, which is treated differently in its De-addiction unit. How do you treat special children who require depression treatment Cadabams has an answer to this also. What do you do to clients who require non invasive rTMS treatment? The answer is go to the Cadabams neuropsychiatry multi specialty hospital in the city.

To conclude, depression is a problem reaching global dimensions but the positive side is that there are residenditial units with a battery of therapeutic interventions, as is the condition with Cadabams , that not only offer hope but a curative and treatable option.

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