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Psychiatric Rehabilitation center in Bangalore

Mental illnesses are the most devastating and disabling of the diseases, affecting the mankind, giving its afflicted and their families a life of suffering, trauma and travail. They totally destroy the persons, personally sap their capacity to lead a normal family and social life and drive them to a life of isolation from the family and society.

Often the entire personality of the person with mental health problem becomes shattered due to dys-functioning of the mental faculty. What is needed is not just medical intervention but a multiple therapeutic approach to being them back even to a semblance of normal functionality. The need is, along with psychiatric treatment a scientifically planned and organised counselling and rehabilitation program aimed at recovery and reintegration.

While the illness affects the individual, the families who are the chief caregivers suffer equally because of lack of skills to handle critical situations, inadequate knowledge of the nature of illness dismally poor facilities to treat the illness.

Rehabilitation Center in India
free rehabilitation centre in bangalore

Psycho-Social Rehabilitation

Persons with psychiatric/mental health problems have limitations with their capacity to perform certain tasks and function due to illness. Psycho social rehabilitation helps them overcome this limitation as tabulated below.


Rehabilitation Centers in Bangalore

In India for many people with mental health and addiction health issues they require rehabilitation health care. To achieve this they require short term rehabilitation centers or long term therapy depending on the condition of the patient. The objective of these rehabilitation centers in India is to provide solace to the mind and body from a holistic viewpoint. The major activities surrounding these Psycho-Social Rehabilitation centers and De-addiction centers are described below. The patient is assessed by a team of clinical psychologist and a call is taken on whether the patient requires outpatient or inpatient therapy.

At Cadabams the patients that require initial critical care are admitted to the Cadabams Neuro-Psychiatry Multi Specialty Hospital for observation and psychological first aid and associated therapy. Subsequently they are transferred to the rehabilitation hospital depending on the nature of their complaint. That is, Psychiatric or Addiction rehabilitation centers.

But the important question that arises is that can rehabilitation center be seen as Rehabilitation Hospitals? It is in vogue to call a center as a hospital. But the fact is that they are best seen as complimentary. The infrastructure, the structure, the facilities, the location and so on make a hospital unique. Similarly, the focal points of a center are all the above mentioned distinguishing features. This in comparison far from bridging the gap will go a long way in widening the gap.

The menace of addiction needs a special attention. For one psychiatry and addiction patients need different type of environment, Therapeutic interventions, medication and above all a different type of identity, space and treatment. The drug and alcoholic issue is getting into greater awareness with the need of separate rehabilitation centers as is in Cadabams and institutions overseas from which we require some guiding posts in our evolution process focusing on recovery and inclusive development.

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