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adabam's is a centre for psychological and neuropsychiatric services situated in Bangalore. It has been incubated and conceived as a one-stop hub, as something that has never been seen or heard before. It is ranked as the number one in Asia. A very crucial rehabilitation process has recently been launched by branching further by setting up a BPO centre. Our product that is Team BPO is researching and developing our focal points as enunciated later. Our objective is to bring out our strengths together to deliver our forte as our productive analysis The BPO provides vocational therapy to residents who have proved that besides being on the road to recovery, it is to tap their latent potential and prove their mettle. The process is reinforced by providing many diversified projects. Many other schemes are emerging to fill up vacancies for other residents. Thus, paving the path for what is said is also well done.

A Word from member of Management

I, Sandesh R. Cadabam Director, Cadabam'S Group joined the family business of mental healthcare services formally in the year 2009, having successfully completed my Masters in business from Manchester business school U. K. I have never had to look back at the tasks that have come up for my consideration. Cadabam'S BPO being the most recent of them and as challenging as it has an international orientation. I have a bright vision for Cadabam'S and Cadabam'S BPO & have a different vision in my perceptions in engaging the talents that are there in our residents. All this journey started off mid 2010, it started off as a small data-entry unit when, I would proudly say our residents from the time till now, has been able to contribute over 2000 hours of work. The 'untapped man hours' as mentioned earlier are being the focal at this point in time.

Everything that has a start has humble beginnings I request each of you as the readers of this brochure to give it your best consideration.

The sun always sets on the horizon and that's what I want for my team - Radiance, Brightness & Healthy Glow...

Our perception

We promise a smooth sailing passion for exploring new horizons under the expertise of the senior management The emphasis is on discipline to mould the individual for future challenges in working life. In the process of self training, the individual is offered opportunities in matching his interests to develop his potentialities. This structured format is to help usher in, from the beginning itself, the process of decisive planning for further challenges in life. This package of ideas and ordeals set by the top management is all the more a beautiful experience as it is on a congenial environment. We occupy a space of 1200 square feet in a total built up area of 16000 square feet state of the art facility.

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