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Cadabam's Centre for Supported Living

Mental illness treatment in Bangalore CADABAM'S is mostly the only mental health care centre to have a supported living facility of the size and concept link that is seen at Centre for supported living named 'AAKANKSHA' meaning a "Lofty Desire". AAKANKSHA is a new dimension to the whole concept of conventional rehabilitation.

AAKANKSHA the centre for supported living is a hostel facility for substantially rehabilitated residents who are functional. The rehabilitated residents require a supportive atmosphere to build up their self-confidence and their skills and ability to face society at large when they get back home.

The families in many cases also doubt and hesitate, as they had earlier experienced the harsh episodes of relapse. To overcome these lurking fears, such residents who have almost recovered will be encouraged to live an independent life at AAKANKSHA the centre for supported living.

Mental health hospital AAKANKSHA is a 30 bedded hostel where they relive group living practide self management blend freely with the society as different from the sheltered care of CADABAM'S facilities. The residents will be under the care of CADABAM'S treating team of psychiatrist, psychologist who regularly interact with them to profess and prepare them to go back to family and society.

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