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Drug Rehab Centers & Treatment

Drug Addiction treatment is helpful and commonly used for psycho active drugs like Marijuana/cannabis or Heroin or Cocaine or other party drugs which all act on brain leading to both short term as well as long term problems but not limited to physical also to psychological, emotional and sociological areas of the person using or abusing the drug.

Like for any other addictions, there are various stages like abuse, dependence and some harmful use. Basically all these drugs are chemicals which work in the brain by hijacking normal communication systems of brain cells thereby creating many problems.

Although these drugs mimic normal brain chemicals, but they lead to abnormal communication in brain or abnormal release of certain chemicals in the brain leading to various behavioural and psychological problems. Hence depending on the specifics of the addiction, drug addiction treatment can take many different forms and proves to be helpful in completely treating the problem.

The exact drug rehab treatment approach depends on the severity of the problem, chemical dependency, the length of time that the addiction has had its hold and any family or personal history specifics that may impact the case. A treatment plan is customized with those variables in mind.

Drug rehabilitation programs- How it works?

If you are addicted to one of the so-called "hard drugs," such as heroin or cocaine, a stay in a residential drug rehab facility is virtually a necessity. Only a residential drug rehab program will provide you with the constant medical surveillance and care to appropriately and safely withdraw physically from the drug you are addicted to.

Many residential drug treatment centers stays are quite short-term, just long enough to ensure your physical well-being and occurring mental health. If your drug of choice is safe to physically withdraw from without assistance from the medical staff members, you may be able to avoid an inpatient alcohol or drug rehab program altogether. Anyway, you will then need to choose from among the available outpatient alcohol or drug addiction treatment choices.

Regardless of whether your drug addiction treatment occurs on an inpatient or outpatient basis, your treatment course will follow a basic pattern. You will meet with a drug addiction counselor, usually a licensed therapist with specialized training in addictions.

This person will conduct your intake interview. This interview will be long and complicated, as the counselor attempts to determine the details of your specific addiction, any history of drug addiction in your family, other psychological disorders that may exist and your general medical history.

Based on the data gathered during the intake interview and the policies of the company, you may be scheduled for appointments with other specialists. These experts may include a psychiatrist, a nutritionist, a psychotherapist and/ or a peer counselor, as well as nurses and other support staff. The various experts that assist with your drug addiction treatment are collectively known as your treatment team. Your drug addiction treatment team will work together to design and implement your plan for recovery, which is also known as your individualized treatment plan.

Under older systems, clients were not as involved in the decision making process. This was because drug addicted people were thought to not be as sound of mind as potential experts. With changes to the system, the plans are more client-involved and offer more assistance to make the client involved in all of the major decisions. The days of strapping an addicted person to a chair and draining drugs from his or her body are, luckily, gone.

Detoxification at drug de addiction Center

Drug detoxification, or detox, is the first and foremost step to recovery from drug addiction. Detoxing can prevent unpleasant situations or drug addiction withdrawal symptoms resulting from sudden cessations of drug abuse. It helps the individual in getting rid of drugs. There are several types of detoxification such as

  • Cold-turkey detox
  • Short-term detox
  • Long-term detox.
  • Drug addiction treatment Options

    Medication: It is one of the most effective drug addiction treatments when used along with counseling and therapy. Drug addiction treatment medication can help make it even more successful when combined with the right types of counseling.


    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): It is an effective drug addiction treatment methods that help the individual to manage their thinking patterns, essentially controlling their negative thoughts behaviors that may lead to drug abuse.

    Motivational enhancement therapy (MET):It is often followed in drug addiction treatment plans. Usually a therapist or a counselor usually helps the person to tap and enhance their motivation for resisting the use of substances.

    Family therapy: In addition to these, recovering addicts benefit from family therapy a lot usually. Since the family members serve as core support system for individuals once they exit a rehabilitation center. It’s important that family people understand the entire recovery process of individual so that they can serve as the best source of support and encouragement along with substance abuse care provided.

    Group Therapy: It helps and assists the person with drug abuse behavior to learn and share their thoughts and emotions with other peers in the drug rehab centers who have similar problems.

    Relapse Prevention: To prevent the individual from relapse after recovery, a set of relapse prevention tools and techniques are provided that can help them fight and prevent from getting back to their addiction habit after a recovery process.

    Apart from these, spiritual counseling, nutritional support, physical activity and other factors also provided as the needed tools for a permanent recovery.

    Types of Drug addiction, Best drug addiction treatment

    Generally abused drugs for which excellent De-Addiction treatment is available at anunitha are
    • Cocaine
    • LSD, Dissociative Drugs/PCP, Ketamine etc,.
    • Methamphetimines/Crystal/chalk/meth
    • MDMA/Ecstasy
    • Marijuana/Cannabis
    • Heroin
    • Sleeping pills abuse/pain killers abuse/ prescription drug abuse/Cough syrups abuse
    • Tobacco/Smoking
    • Inhalants
    • Poly-substance


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