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Elite living

ANANYA Tri Star Care offers 24 beautifully designed cottages both with and without A/C away from the dust and din of the city set amidst greenery.
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Individual Planning

Individualized structured therapies are planned to help them recover and re-integrate them back to society.
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Access to varied range indoor and outdoor amenities in a conducive environment, to recuperate holistically
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Professional Team

Safe and skilful professional care by psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, psychologists and physician

Cadabam's ANANYA, an Elite Centre to Regain Health and Dignity

ANANYA Literally means 'without a second' or 'Unique'. ANANYA Tri Star Care is an extension of CADABAM'S Group where the facilities are elite and unparalleled. ANANYA- Tri Star Care offers its residents best of the facilities and comforts so that the stay is smooth and the resident can focus on his problems and therapy.

ANANYA Tri Star Care is the place for the discerning families who wish to give their person with mental health problem the best of the living facility that is available in the psychiatric rehabilitation with professional care.

ANANYA Tri Star Care gives its residents exclusivity and privacy during their most crucial period of recovery. The mission it to help the person regain his/her, both mental and physical health with Dignity. Know More

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Unique Initiatives by CADABAM'S

Cadabams have taken many initiatives in order to bring the talents and creativeness pf the individuals in the rehab centre. Its helps in building personality and to help the patients gain back there confidence and to take a new approach in life


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