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Living Spaces

Residents can choose to stay in varied accommodation ranging from shared dormitory, double rooms, single rooms, deluxe rooms to luxurious cottages with 3star facilities
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Individual Planning

Individualized structured therapies are planned to help them recover and re-integrate them back to society
healthcare and rehabilitation center


Access to varied range indoor and outdoor amenities in a conducive environment, to recuperate holistically
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Professional Team

Safe and skilful professional care by psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, psychologists and physician

Cadabam's ANKITHA ,A Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disorders Care

'ANKITHA' literally means a "Special Indentation" or "A dedication". ANKITHA is a dedicated speciality wing of CADABAM'S for Habilitation and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual and Developmental disorders (Mental Retardation). ANKITHA as a specialty therapeutic wing functions in the existing campus of AMITHA.

ANKITHA promises care, dignity, and quality of life to its residents. Besides the needed professional care it also addresses frontiers of exclusion and families question of 'AFTER US WHO'. ANKITHA envisages for early recognition, habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with intellectual and developmental disorders for quick and effective community reintegration. Person with intellectual and developmental problems are taken on short & extended periods of stay with specific goals and objectives. For those with poor prognosis and deficit social support system longer duration of stay and care is considered. Know More

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Unique Initiatives by CADABAM'S

Cadabams have taken many initiatives in order to bring the talents and creativeness pf the individuals in the rehab centre. Its helps in building personality and to help the patients gain back there confidence and to take a new approach in life


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