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De-Addiction Counselling:

De-Addiction counselling is very core of the services offered at ANUNITHA. The De-Addiction counsellor who is specially trained in De-Addiction bridges various aspects of whole of the program. Counselling bridges between the family and resident, the counsellor at personal level also bridges many aspects of group to personal level more pertinent and personal as well. The counselling at ANUNITHA is so planned so that many concerns and issues which cannot be taken at therapeutic level of Clinical psychologist are addressed.

De-Addiction counselling happens at an very intimate and confidential level where the counsellor address following issues.
  • Alcohol and Drug use Behaviour and its consequences
  • Social pressure and its management
  • Situations at home and while alone leading to Alcohol or Drugs.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions associated with Alcohol and Drug abuse
  • Anxiety and Stress leading to Alcohol and Drugs
  • Anger and frustration and its management

ANUNITHA - de addiction counselling


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